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Fun food

Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about all SEVERIN products and services. All questions and answers are categorised by topic for optimum clarity.

The grilling stone on my raclette grill does not heat up enough (appliance-dependent).

The grilling stone takes longer to release heat to the grilled food than a metal grilling surface. However, it does retain the heat for longer.

How can I remove residues from the grilling surfaces and pans of my raclette grill easily?

Soak the metal grilling surfaces and pans in hot water with detergent for around an hour, before wiping them down with a soft dishcloth. If your appliance has a grilling stone, under no circumstances should you soak this too! Grilling stones are porous by nature and can become saturated with water which may result in damage to the stone when it is next heated up. Instead, wipe it down with warm water and detergent. In time, a coloured patina may form on the stone, despite cleaning. This is natural, and you should never attempt to remove it with aggressive cleaning agents or sharp objects.