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“Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2020 - Best of the Best” SEVERIN reaches the next level of its service commitment to the market

SEVERIN is set to receive coveted awards in two important focus product groups as the 2020 Ambiente trade fair gets off the ground. The SEVO GTS, premium model in the new eBBQ range, has been vot-ed “Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2020” by consumers and will receive the “Golden Award - Best of the Best” as the best product in the “barbecue” cate-gory. In the coffee sector, SEVERIN has convinced the Plus X Award jury with its multifunctional Spuma 700 Plus induction milk frother. The two awards con-firm the successful strategy adopted to reposition the brand.
“Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2020 &#8211; Best of the Best” SEVERIN reaches the next level of its service commitment to the market
Grounds for celebration at SEVERIN: LifeCare Initiative awarded premium model SEVO GTS the popular consumer prize “Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2020 - Out-standing Product” just in time for the market launch of the new eBBQ range. The new electric barbecue impressed the jury with its outstanding consumer orientation in terms of functionality, innovation, product benefits and design. The SEVO GTS also received the “Golden Award - Best of the Best” as the prod-uct with the highest overall rating in the catego-ry “barbecue & barbecue accessories”.

This makes the SEVO GTS one of the most popular new products in the world of kitchens. The consumer prize is awarded annually by a jury of experts and consumers and aims to highlight products that are highly consumer-friendly.

“The fact that the prize is awarded by consum-ers makes us particularly proud,” emphasises SEVERIN Managing Director Christian Strebl. “We have succeeded in developing a completely new eBBQ range in-house in a record time of just 12 months, which fulfils both the defined criteria of our service commitment to retailers and meets the expec-tations of end customers.”

SEVERIN also scores points in the focus product group “coffee”: The company won its second award for the innovative Spuma 700 Plus milk frother. Featuring 13 special programmes, it not only conjures up perfect milk foam for cups of cappuccino and latte macchiatos, but also boasts individually tailored solutions for many other foods and beverages, including mulled wine, pro-tein shakes, baby food and hot chocolate made of whole pieces of chocolate. The Plus X Award jury praised the appliance’s innovative operation, unique functionality, high-quality design and outstanding product quality, honouring the all-rounder among milk frothers in these four categories.

Christian Strebl is delighted with the awards: “We focus on the needs and expecta-tions of the consumer in everything we do. The consistent nature of our orientation is confirmed by the current awards. The recognition value of SEVERIN as a brand is also becoming increasingly clear. We are continuing to implement this successively in all focus categories.”

For more information go to:www.severin.de

SEVERIN Elektroger?te GmbH
For more than 60 years, SEVERIN has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality small electri-cal appliances with the aim of making everyday life as easy as possible. SEVERIN is one of the larg-est German manufacturers in this segment and market leader in areas such as milk frothers, toasters, microwaves and eBBQs. From its headquarters in Sundern, Sauerland, SEVERIN is active in over 100 countries worldwide. This traditional company also has its own sales offices in France, Spain, Swe-den, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland and has production facilities in Shenzhen, China. More than 700 employees work for SEVERIN worldwide.