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Acquisition of shares in SEVERIN Floorcare GmbH

SEVERIN Elektroger?te GmbH will take over all shares in the subsidiary SEVERIN Floorcare GmbH with effect from 01/03/2020. The pre-vious managing directors and shareholders Ralf Wietek and Thomas Meyer are leaving the company.
Acquisition of shares in SEVERIN Floorcare GmbH
SEVERIN Floorcare GmbH was newly established in 2014 as a subsidiary of SEVERIN Elektroger?te GmbH, and specialises in vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment. After the takeover, the managing directors of SEVERIN Elektroger?te GmbH will also take over the management of SEVERIN Floorcare GmbH. The complete Floorcare team, consisting of 3 employees, will be absorbed into the main company.

“We can look back on an exciting and very successful time at SEVERIN Floorcare”, says Thomas Meyer. “SFC has achieved an impressive sales curve over about five years.” Wietek adds: “With our strong team, we have established a product range that has carved out a successful niche on the market. Our vacuum cleaners also repeatedly came out on top in tests (StiWa, etc.) and secured top rankings.”
Christian Strebl and Ulrich Cramer, managing directors of SEVERIN Elektroger?te GmbH, would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing managing partners: “SEVERIN Floorcare GmbH has recorded very positive developments in recent years. Our thanks go to Ralf Wietek and Thomas Meyer for their longstanding commitment. The goal now is to use the growth potential and develop this consistently. "The new management will focus even more strongly on retail-oriented sales channels and trend topics such as cordless vacuum cleaners.

Robert Schwarz, head of quality & engineering at SEVERIN Floorcare GmbH, empha-sises: “As far as product development is concerned, we focus strongly on the actual needs of the end consumer and do everything in our power to continue to deliver the quality that has distinguished us for years.” Harun Serif Sahin, purchasing manager and Markus Wirges, key account manager at SEVERIN Floorcare GmbH, add: “On the one hand, we offer the industry stability and continuity in terms of cooperation, while being sure that promising new opportunities will open up in future on the other.”

In addition to the existing focus product groups eBBQ & Fun Food, Coffee & Breakfast, Microwaves and Refrigeration & Freezing, the Floorcare area will be managed as a further focus product group within the SEVERIN Elektroger?te GmbH product range, thus providing new impetus. The current Floorcare product portfolio includes vacuum cleaners with and without bags, robot vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners, steam and wet cleaners and window cleaners.

You can find further information at: www.severin.de

SEVERIN Elektroger?te GmbH
For more than 60 years, SEVERIN has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality small electrical appliances with the aim of making everyday life as easy as possible. SEVERIN is one of the largest German manufacturers in this segment and market leader in areas such as milk frothers, toasters, microwaves and eBBQs. From its headquarters in Sundern, Sauerland, SEVERIN is active in over 100 countries worldwide. This traditional company also has its own sales offices in France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland and has production facilities in Shenzhen, China. More than 700 employees work for SEVERIN worldwide.